Rental & Leasing
Kew Garden Motor and Leasing provide convenience for customers, leaving them the highest satisfaction for our service. All our fleets are regularly serviced, well maintained and in tip-top condition. Our vision is to be a one-stop car rental service provider that delivers a high standard and exceed customers’ expectation.
Long-term leasing service
Our long-term leasing service or known as an operating lease is a full service that aims to service corporate customers. Our customers comprise of large corporations, government agencies, state enterprises and more. Our leasing programme will be a contract period of 4 to 5 years with our full aftersale service which includes fleet procurement, fleet tailored modification, fleet maintenance and replacement cars.
Short term rental service
Our short-term car rental service aims to offer a solution towards individuals and corporates. Our customers comprise of tourists, people in business, commuters and more. With duration ranging from daily, weekly to monthly, we provide quality cars with low mileage, maintained by certified car dealerships and excellently serviced by our trained employees.
Driven Rental Service
Our chauffeur- driven rental service focuses on corporate customers. Our customers comprise of large corporates with a contract period of 4 years. We provide chauffeurs service with a business model which can be customised to fit your company’s requirements and needs. For instance, we can offer customised packages to fit your internal fleet management program, carpooling and more.