KEW Garden is the pioneer in providing government agency, private sector and public institutions to enhance the knowledge of recycling. Our company is actively encouraging recycling in Singapore through events, partnerships, presentation and sponsorship of recycling bins. We aim to keep our country clean and green, to maintain Singapore image as the “Clean & Green City”.
Approved by NEA
Kew Garden Recycling Hub has been approved by NEA on 7th April 2016 for dismantling of used cards and packing of used parts for customers at the premises. Currently, the company’s main call of business is doing recycle and export used vehicles parts and materials for our clients worldwide with the specialization of:
Dismantle Used Motor Parts (eg. Metal, Aluminium, Cast Iron, Copper)
Dry Waste Product (eg. Rubber, Plastic, Sponge, Styrofoam, Wood)
Liquid Waste Product (eg. Machine Lubricant Oil, Low Classes Chemical)
Issues & Problems
The Polypropylene PP & Polyethylene PE plastics that are dismantled from the vehicle scrapping process are of long durability and will be in good conditions even after 10 years. However, as the company was unable to further utilize these types of plastic resources, they are considered as waste and can only be disposed. As the volume of plastic increases rapidly, it has become more costly for the company in terms of operation cost to dispose these waste PP & PE plastic products, whereby it is not cost effective nor will cost efficient and it affect the company’s sustainability to operate in the long run.
Kew Garden has acquired and implemented both the Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder Machine and Plastic Recycling Extrusion Machine in order to have the means and capability to recycle these waste PP & PE plastic products into plastic pellets, which can be further used as raw materials for plastic productions.
Business Impact
Reduce and further utilize Polypropylene PP & Polyethylene PE plastic waste materials, regardless of their size and also reduce operational costs for disposing. There is waste minimization as through the machine implementation, it is more cost effective and cost efficient. New business channel opportunities for company growth and revenue by producing and providing plastic pellets, offering alternative for PP & PE plastic waste disposal/removal for other companies. Able to expand its business operations and customer base, to achieve its goal of company’s growth and expansion.
Other Impacts
Workers are able to learn new skills, knowledge and expertise in the new area of plastic waste recycling. Economically, Kew Garden Recycle Hub is able to offer a alternative choice of PP & PE plastic waste disposer and plastic pellets supplier choice to local companies, which will further boost the local economy activity and growth.
Plastic Recycling Extrusion Machine
Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder Machine